Flipgrid This is a great online tool for students to record short, oral responses to a posted prompt or question. Give your kids their 15 seconds of fame and indulge their "selfie" status!
Dotstorming This is an interactive brainstorming, decision-making, voting and justification system. Great way to give students a voice, teach the art of compromise and justifying choices.
Periodic Table Lessons Check out this awesome periodic table that has a lesson for every element on the table!
SJ-R Check out this virtual link to Springfield's State Journal-Register
Media History Digital Library This is a very comprehensive website covering film, photography, tv, radio and broadcasting throughout history!
WingClips Find great movie clips to illustrate and inspire (all school appropriate) by topic. AWESOME site!
WriteAbout - great writing prompts to differentiate: can add vocab by topic, ability, etc,
Fodey- Kids can take their own writing and put it in a newspaper clipping
Get Flippity! Flippity turns Google spreadsheets into all sorts of FUN activities for learning: flash cards, "Jeopardy" style quiz game, mix & match, Mad Libs and more!
Watch the Debates takes an historical look at debates in America since 1960- check out this great PBS resource
Living Room Candidate traces the evolution of Presidential election commercials since 1960.
Classcraft This is a gamers DREAM- whether you're the teacher or the student! A cool classroom management tool that encourages collaboration as well. Great for the introverts in your class!
Educanon This site allows you to embed questions into a YouTube video.
Blabberize Well, you just gotta see it to believe it! Think educational version of Jib Jab!
Symbaloo Curate your favorite website bookmarks into one convenient location! You can group and categorize in various ways! There are also other Symbaloos that are free to use- can search by topic!
Tubechop This site allows users to cut/chop a video down to just the portion needed for a lesson! What a time saver!
Wonderopolis This is a FUN website filled with well-researched information on very RANDOM topics!! Check it out- you'll learn something new, guaranteed!
VideoNot.es is a website that is great for flipped classrooms. It allows users to take notes while watching videos. Works seamlessly with Drive
Plickers This is a great, quick, easy way to get formative assessments from students with immediate feedback! You only need one smart phone or iPad device to accomplish this!
YouTube Time Machine Find videos covering issues/topics from 1860 -2013 to use in class.
Hemingway Editor Go to Hemingwayapp.com and have students upload their essays. The site will edit it for readability looking for difficult sentences, passive voice, and grammar issues.
MathIsFun This is a great website for math for various ages, but the ILLUSTRATED MATH DICTIONARY is really Awesome!!
Talking History This is a great archive of accounts of Historical significance! Listen to History come alive!
5 Ways to make videos on Chromebooks Find quick, easy ways to make great videos for school or fun!
AnswerGarden With this interactive website, teachers can receive immediate feed back to a question, lecture, video, etc. and the answers will appear as a Wordle. The most popular/repeated answers will grow larger in the Wordle!
Teach with Movies This is a great website that provides ready-made lesson plans that coordinate movies with various subjects/topics!!
RefME Free Reference Generator- Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago styles and more. Use website or download the app FREE!! iOS and Android available.
History in Motion Create your own Historical Timeline from this great website!
Book Wizard Mobile This app (for iPad, iPhone & Android) allows teachers or students to create a library of book titles by reading level/lexile!
Tellagami This is an app that allows you to create and share quick animated Gami videos!!
PowToons Create animated presentations!!
BookTrack Create soundtrack-like, ambient music to enjoy while reading and writing. Studies show increase in attention and comprehension with background music!
Rewordify This website allow you to enter a challenging passage and it will re-word with simplified text!
Teaching with iPads This is a great website from a MASTER of teaching. . . Kathy Shrock!
Acoustic Atlas Check out the sounds from Montana and the Great West at this cool website!
Aligning Lessons to CCS Find 5 great websites to help you align the lessons you've already created to Common Core Standards
Career Guides This is a Lib Guide created by a librarian at Grayslake. Useful for research careers/jobs.
CSI Forensic Files This is a fun, interactive website from Rice University modeled after the TV show CSI. It's so interesting they won't know they're learning!!
Lexile this Book Find a book's Lexile score from this website!
ProCon Find Pros and Cons on Controversial topics!
IPL Pathfinders A great resource to get your research started!
College Preparation Tips/Guide This is a Kent State U project to help HS students prepare for a more successful college experience!
The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library Interactive Dead Sea Scrolls website!
Planwise This is a FREE online financial planning site. Use it to manage budgets, pay off debt, plan for a vacation or big purchase!
Better Lesson Find lessons, materials, etc. from high achieving teachers!
The Worst Jobs in History This is an interactive game with 3 time periods to choose from to experience the down and dirtiness of ages past!
Common Curriculum This is an online lesson planning resource that aims to help you align your lessons to Common Core standards.
A Guided Tour Inside the International Space Station This is a 25 minute video from YouTube (convert on your iPad with iCabMobile!)
We the Jury This interactive game allows students to sit in on jury trial, hear the evidence and testimony, then cast a verdict!
ChemEdDL Is a great website for teachers of chemistry! Find lessons, labs and more on this useful website.
TodaysMeet This website allows you to create a live, online chat room to hold virtual discussions/collaboration.
Uses for iPads in the Classroom Find a variety of apps and tools to do just about anything with an iPad in your classroom!!
MORE Pathfinders! Find another great set of Pathfinders for students to use! These are from the Olympia HS LMC!
Primary Sources This is a great place to find information and links to understanding and finding primary sources!
Blank Maps This site has blank maps of the world & US for students to identify and complete!
Learni.st It's like Pinterest for educators!!
TES resources for teachers!
History Spaces This website promise never to be a boring look back at history! Check it out!
Flashcard Generator This is a great source from Scholastic to make your own Math or Words!
BackPackTV This website has videos for educational purposes. Search by topic, subject, etc.
Easel.ly This website allows you to create your OWN infographics! Great for stats, projects and more!
NearPod This feature allows you to create quizzes to be delivered to iPads!! COOL!!
Teen Tribune This website provides news articles for teens in all subject areas.
Android Educational Apps Check out these great Android apps for educational purposes.
Readalikes Just finished a great book and want to read another just like it? Try this website to find books with similar plots, writing styles, or books by the same author!!
Great sites for teaching Anatomy and Physiology including interactive, zoom in/out, 360 degree rotatable views.
DocumentaryZ Find hundreds of useful documentaries for the classroom. All categorized into subject areas!
Interactive Human Heart This website features an interactive look at both the inside and outside of the human heart. Great visual!
FDR Day by Day This website features a wealth of information about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Definitely worth the read!
Pear Harbor Attack map Check out this interactive Pearl Harbor Attack map from National Geographic.
Hubii Find newspapers across the world via an interactive map!
Cell Phones in the Classroom This is a great Prezi on ways to incorporate cell phones successfully into your classrooms!
Citation Generator This is an easy to use, FREE, citation generator for researching purposes!
Controversial Topics Need a controversial, current topic for a speech, essay or debate? Check this website out! ProCon has them all!
TrendMaps Follow Twitter Trends in real time on Google Maps and see exactly where they're coming from across the globe!
SoapBox Wishing you had a clicker system, but can't afford one? Try SoapBox- which features a "confusion" option for kids to tell you 'I get it' or 'I'm confused' -- great for immediate feedback!
Greek Heroes through Time Watch short animated videos depicting how Greek heroes have been portrayed throughout time.
Math in Movies Find popular movie clips in which math is discussed.
Wall Wisher Use this unique website to tack up a "virtual" sticky note. Great for exit slips minus the paper!
TeachersFirst Find lesson plans, ideas, professional materials and more on this site!!
Showbeyond Great website that allows students to create their own videos or stories, as well as a resource of student creations on various educational topics!!
Visual Dictionary This website provides visual clues to assist students in finding words and definitions.
2010 Summer Reading Lists for Teens About.com has created a list of websites making recommendations for teens to continues reading over the summer!
GotBrainy User-generated pictures and video for learning SAT and ACT vocabulary.
Visuwords This is an online graphical dictionary that displays not only a word's meaning, but also how it relates to other words and concepts!
PicLits Refrigerator poetry meets beautiful imagery in this creative writing site that's a teacher favorite.
The Teacher's Corner is a resource website for educators. When your idea well starts to run dry, give this website a try!!
News Timeline This timeline is updated daily and very easy to search! What a great tool to find out what happened and when!!
Life Magazine archived on Google! What an awesome resource!!
WebTools4U2Use Is a great website, that features TONS of various other websites on a variety of topics. Many deal with Web 2.0 technologies.
PDFmyURL Check this website out-- where you can make a PDF from any websites URL! It's dead simple to use!!
National Writing Project This site contains 30 useful tips for teaching writing.
Blogsite This site has some great blog conversations pertaining to technology and education. Some are even broken down by subject area!
ReadWriteThink This website provides a wealth of reading information for all grade levels. It includes professional development, lesson plans and activities to enhance reading skills!!
National Science Digital Library This is the mother-load!! It's a digital database providing standards-based instructional resources, K-12 lesson plans, digital downloads, streaming video, and 2.0 collaboration tools for math and science, and best of all, it's FREE!
Howjsay This website is pronunciations strictly in English!!
Earthportal For many things scientific and environmental-- check out this website !!
Forvo This website will pronounce any word in any language by a native speaker of the language!! French, German, Spanish, English, Hindi (well I don't know someone might need to know something in Hindi?!)
Works4Me This website has tips from teachers for teachers. So, when your brain has run dry for something new to do with kids check this out!
Prezi.com Create some jaw-dropping presentations with text, images and video. The basic membership is FREE! Check it out & awe your students!
Polleverywhere.com This website allows your students to participate in live educational polls on various topics via their cell phones! Kids LOVE this!
100 Best Websites.org This site disseminates the best of the best.
All Recipes Ever needed that one special recipe and couldn't find it? Well, not anymore! Find over 40,000 recipes on the site.
Billboard.com Billboard Magazine has chronicled the world of popular music since 1894. Most of the information is free to users.
Music Theory. com Started by a native of Taylorville, IL this site teachers the very beginner to the advanced how to read and play music!
Calendars: a guide to locating events for each day of the year.
Clusty This meta search engine from Vivisimo uses subcategories to "cluster" results so users can target what they are searching for on the web.
David Rumsey Map Collection Over 14,900 maps from eighteenth and nineteenth century North and South America.
Kathy Schrock's guide for Educators Find everything and then some on this amazing website (including Puzzlemaker- make your own Cross Words)
Encyclopedia Mythica This site has myths, folklore and religion, and includes images!
eSkeletons Project View the bones of humans and non-human primates from gorillas to mice!
Ethnologue Find all of the world's known, living languages!
Interstellar Trip Planner Shoot for the moon! and find out how long it'll take to get there and what you'll see along the way!
International Children's Boiling Point Project "The purpose of the project isto discover which factor in the experiment has the greatest influence on the boiling point of water." Your students perform experiments, analyze data, and report it to the site.
NASA The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has a VERY comprehensive website!
NGA The National Gallery of Art includes online tours and educational programs. Be sure to check out the Kids link- and create your own art online!
Xpeditions: National Geographic This site supports the US National Geography Standards and provides interactive links for kids to explore.
National Baseball Hall of Fame Everything you wanted to know about baseball and more!
Thinkfinity This site offers a combination of Verizon Literacy Network and MarcoPolo, this is a super website for lesson plans and teaching ideas!
Math Manipulatives From Pre-K to grade 12, this website covers numbers & operation, to algebra, geometry, data analysis and probability.
NYPL Check out the New York Public Library's Digital Gallery. More than 300,000 digital images!
Thomas: the Legislative Network From the Library of Congress, find immediate access to legislative information- even track a bill through Congress!
Project Gutenberg Find over 20,000 free books from this website.
IPL The Internet Public Library this site includes POTUS (Pres. of the U.S.)information, newspapers from across the world, Literary Criticisms, children's and young adult pages with good, solid resources.
Journey North Engages students in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change. K-12 study, track and share their observations with other students in North America!
Graphic Organizer It's time to get organized and this site has an organizer for any task!
New York Times: Learning Network This site is a great place for lesson plans, it's updated daily and will even archive for you.
Virtual Jamestown Experience Jamestown (the colony founded over 400 years ago) through this digital project.
Name that Candybar Need a great way to kick off a lesson about cross-sections? This yummy site is just the one!
The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project Explore the many experiments conducted at Rice University using that delicious cream and cake treat- the Twinkie!